Reports on Ireland

Captive Review  ILS Report 2017

In February this year (2017), Captive Review prepared a report on the ILS market, interviewing some of the industry’s leading players about the key trends driving the current market and what to expect next. DIMA contributed an article to the report, “The evolution of the market for ILS” with some of the key content provided by Garry Ferguson, the head of the ILS team at Walkers.   The full article can be downloaded  here, page 1 and page 2.

Captive Review January 2017 –  European Captive Services Awards 2016 – Winners issue

The January 2017 issue of Captive Review includes a special feature covering the European Captive Service 2016 Award Winners. As the category winner, Best EU Domicile, DIMA’s CEO Eddy Van Cutsem explores the (re)insurance opportunities on offer in Ireland.   The full article can be downloaded here.

Intelligent Insurer (Dec 2016) –  Dublin & Ireland – Where risk transfer meets innovation

DIMA has worked with Intelligent Insurer in the production of this supplement. The report identifies the benefits of Ireland as an EU re/insurance domicile and Ireland’s value proposition, particularly in the context of Brexit. The report can be accessed here.

Captive Review – Examines the impact Solvency II has had on Ireland

Michael Spellman of Aon, Sarah Goddard of DIMA and Paraic Joyce of PwC speak to Captive Review about the impact Solvency II has had on Ireland. The report can be downloaded  here.

Captive Review – Overview of the Dublin internation re-insurance market

Sarah Goddard of DIMA examines the background behind Dublin’s rise in the financial landscape and what the future holds for the country. The full article can be downloaded  here

Captive Review – Brexit

Tim Scanlon of Matheson and Sarah Goddard of DIMA explore the effect that a potential ‘Brexit’ would have on the captive industry in Ireland. The full article can be downloaded  here.

Captive Review – on Regulation

Sarah Goddard of DIMA and Paraic Joyce of PwC discuss the increasing amount of regulation in Dublin. The full article can be downloaded  here.

Solvency II Report – May 2016

Captive Insurance Times, with assistance from DIMA, published a report following consultations with experts in Dublin and Bermuda on how their jurisdictions are getting to grips with the Solvency II directive now that it is in full swing. The report can be downloaded  here.

Dublin Insurance Report – 25th Anniversary

Captive Review, with assistance from DIMA, published the Dublin Insurance Report which focuses on the twenty five year history of the re/insurance industry in Dublin. The report highlights the key milestones, the development of the captive sector in Dublin, base erosing and profit shifting (BEPs), the evolving regulatory landscape and much more. The report can be downloaded here.

Reinsurance in Ireland: Development and Issues

The Central Bank of Ireland published its key findings on the reinsurance sector in Ireland as part of its Quarterly Bulletin for Q3. The article examines the development of the reinsurance industry in Ireland, noting that Ireland is “a major centre for reinsurance, with the second-highest number of reinsurance companies in Europe. The industry had total assets of €55 billion at end-2012, which corresponds to over 30 per cent of GDP.” The report also highlights that the GVA (Gross Value Add) to the Irish economy for the reinsurance sector is worth €1.5 million per employee per annum.

The article also looks at the contribution of the reinsurance industry to the Irish economy, the challenges faced by the reinsurance sector: namely Solvency II and the rise of ILS (Insurance Linked Securities) products. In conclusion it considers the financial stability of reinsurance in Ireland and the systemic risk it could pose. The article can be read in full here.


Facts about Ireland 2014

IDA Ireland have put together a report that details a number of key facts about Ireland which covers the:

  • Economy
  • Demographics
  • Education & Skills
  • Wages
  • Cost of living
  • Tax
  • Infrastructure
  • Utilities
  • Property and;
  • Transportation

The report can be read in full here.


Effective rates of corporation tax in Ireland: Technical Paper, April 2014

The Department of Finance has published a technical paper on the effective rates of corporation tax in Ireland. The paper considers calculations for an effective tax rate on corporate profits in Ireland under three broad headings which are:

  • using model companies;
  • using official national statistics and;
  • using company financial reports.

Full details of the technical paper can be downloaded here.


IFSC Celebrating 25 years

2013 marked the twenty five anniversary of the International Financial Services Centre in Ireland. A publication was released giving an overview of IFSC today, its formation in 1987 and DIMA CEO, Sarah Goddard talks about the success of the insurance industry and how Ireland can continue to capitalise on the captives sector.

Click here to read the publication in full.


Strategy for the International Financial Services Industry in Ireland 2011-2016

Strategy for the international financial services 2011-2016The department of the Taoiseach released a strategy document in  2011 seeks to create 10,000 new jobs and protect existing employment. The goal of the strategy is dependent on the following key drivers:

  1. Transparent and competitive direct and indirect tax framework
  2. Credible, responsible and proportionate regulatory regime
  3. Development of new business lines
  4. Coordinated international engagement and marketing
  5. Integrated support for investment and growth
  6. Targeted development of appropriate skills
  7. Sustained control of business costs

Download the full report here.