Why Dublin

So what makes Dublin great for business? Here are some reasons why many of the world’s leading re/insurers  and Fortune 500 companies have set up in Dublin:

  • A recognised leading re/insurance domicile centre for 25 years;
  • Excellent location to access EU and North American markets, as well as Middle East and Asian markets;
  • A deep pool of experienced and emerging talent with a wealth of re/insurance expertise from operations, underwriting, accounting, auditing, tax and actuarial to legal and compliance;
  • Ireland is the world leader for the the flexibility and adaptability of its workforce (IMD, 2013) as well as the availability of skilled labour (World Competitiveness Year Book 2011);
  • Re/insurers can avail of FOE (freedom of establishment) or FOS (freedom of services);
  • Ireland has double taxation treaties with 70 countries;
  • English-speaking, highly educated workforce. The median age of the population is 35, the lowest in the EU;
  • 12.5% corporation tax rate;
  • The Google effect has resulted in Dublin becoming the hi-tech capital of Europe with a young cosmopolitan population of international tech professionals, and Ireland is forecast to be the third most digitally engaged country by 2015;
  • Dublin has more than 1,000 years of history, a thriving arts scene and vibrant city culture.